? Introduction & History:

The Prevention of Metabolic Disorders Research Center (PMDRC) is one of the research centers at SBMU Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences (RIES), and is active in line with the general policies and missions put forth by the SBMU RIES. Its research lines include epidemiology, basic and clinical sciences related to different metabolic disorders, including diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other cardio metabolic risk factors. 

PMDRC’s mission to determine its research priorities began  with a view to establish a uniform and problem-oriented research process to facilitate response to national health needs. Utilizing information and guidelines from various resources, including those of the Center for Combating Diseases, the Medical Commission of the National Scientific Research Council, the Office of the Deputy –Minister of Health in Research Affairs, as well as those of the Office of SBMU Vice-Chancellor in Research Affairs, and other numerous resources (including  the ideas of experts, specialists, social indices, interviews, etc.,) the center prioritized its research areas, and has been active since 2008. 

? RIES PMDRC Research Priorities:

  • Diabetes
  • Non-diabetes metabolic disorders in adults
  • Risk factors of cardiovascular disease
  • Metabolic disorders in childhood and adolescence (Non-congenital)